Quick Service within 90 minutes*

At our Cauvery Ford, we understand that the task of servicing your Ford cars can often be time-consuming. That's why we're happy to introduce the unique perks of Quick Service at our Ford service centers. When you need essential Ford maintenance performed with speed and efficiency, know that our Ford Service centres will get the job done on your schedule. Quick services are easy and convenient, as we can handle a wide variety of maintenance jobs and issues.

Any 2 minor repairs can be availed along with Quick service

(Estimate will be provided for services you want carried out)

  1. Replacement of front brake pads
  2. Replacement of 2 Ford tyres
  3. Balance wheels
  4. Replace battery
  5. Minor trim replacement
  6. Investigate wash-wipe not working
  7. Replacement of wiper
  8. Investigate horn not working
  9. Investigate minor NHV issue (trim)
  10. Investigate lights(s) not working
  11. Replace rear wheel studs


  • Prior Appointment Required for Quick Service
  • Speedy completion & Quality service
  • Customer lounge to wait

*Terms & Conditions:

  • Vehicle should be below 90000kms without any major complaints.(Except Endeavor & Mustang can't be carried out QS)
  • Only general service will be done (wheel alignment will not be covered in this Quick service)

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